Sparks Fly

I have tried tons of nail stickers before but NONE like the ones from @tolytolly ! 😍🙌💕

These ones are called Sparks Fly! They have beautiful sparkles and small jewels on them, plus the colors are simply gorgeous 💙💚💕

These stickers are so easy to put on ! You peel them off, stick them on your clean nails and then file off the access 😍🙌💕 SUPER EASY! And they feel like gel nails! ✨
They are very durable and last a long time ! Plus they are simple to change if you want to switch designs to another one of their beautiful selections!

Definitely check out this cute new shop if you enjoy nails and nail art! 💅💕

Each sticker set comes with a clean/dry wipes for cleaning your nails and a file 💕

More info,Follow TOLYTOLLY Instagram official @tolytolly

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