Vintage Blue Contact Lenses

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Water content: 38%~45%
Thickness: 0.004mm
Texture: Polymacon
Base curve: 8.5mm~8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm
Lifetime: 12 months

Package Capacity:
1 Pair of lenses(2 lens)
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Vintage Blue Contact Lenses-1

Product name: Vintage Blue Contact lenses

Color: Blue

Type/Collection: Vintage

Age range: 13-55


Ancient style brightens you eyes, and brings an amazing look.

Multiple layers display 3D richness, as natural as iris, highlighting your eyes effectively.

Dream is not about ages. Any one who has dreams can set new goals and arrive at the final dream step by step.

Similar to Mimo Blue Contact Lenses and Eos Blue Contact Lenses


Applicable: Cosplay, Makeup, Party, Cocktail, Prom, Ball 



1. Soft, comfortable and easy-to-wear;

2. Long lifespan and high colorfastness;

3.Smooth edge design - comfortable feeling;

4.Protein and other stains are not easy to attach;

5. Excellent oxygen permeability and all-day UV protection;

6.Effectively preserve moisture for one year, keeping your eyes moist all day.


33 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Jean on 3rd May 2018

    these are epic!

  • 5

    Posted by Heidi on 26th Apr 2018

    Always coming back to buy this color! It's super pretty!

  • 5
    Great color!

    Posted by Henry on 25th Apr 2018

    I naturally have deep hazel eyes, and these lenses were a perfect warm blue on me!

  • 5
    Love them!

    Posted by George on 24th Apr 2018

    And Im so happy I did! They were beyond perfect!

  • 5
    Super comfy!

    Posted by Dylan on 23rd Apr 2018

    These lenses are really comfortable - you can wear them for a quite a while without your eyes getting too dry and without even noticing that they're there!

  • 5

    Posted by Edith on 22nd Apr 2018

    These lenses looked cool

  • 5
    Little flaws, but still very good !

    Posted by Edison on 20th Apr 2018

    Very good ! Lenses feel comfortable in eyes and i have no problem with 'em

  • 5
    Super comfy!

    Posted by Cassandra on 19th Apr 2018

    These lenses are really comfortable

  • 5

    Posted by Cole on 18th Apr 2018

    i just adjusted it with my fingertip after putting it in and they feel just like my regular daily contacts. definitely recommend!