Vintage Brown Contact Lenses

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Water content: 38%~45%
Thickness: 0.004mm
Texture: Polymacon
Base curve: 8.5mm~8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm
Lifetime: 12 months

Package Capacity:
1 Pair of lenses(2 lens)
Vintage Brown Contact Lenses-1

Product name: Vintage Brown Contact lenses

Color: Brown

Type/Collection: Vintage

Age range: 13-55

Multiple layers display 3D richness, as natural as iris, even enlarging eyes, with delicate effects and long moisturizing, which making all-day comfort.

You could easily hurt someone but you will definitely need much longer time to heal. Take much respect and value on the love and true heart.

Vintage Brown could warm the talking from each other.

Similar to Gaea Brown Contact Lenses and Mimo Brown Contact Lenses


Applicable: Cosplay, Makeup, Party, Cocktail, Prom, Ball




1. Soft, comfortable and easy-to-wear;

2. Excellent oxygen permeability and all-day UV protection;

3. Long lifespan and high colorfastness;


3 Reviews

  • 5
    Waiting to order

    Posted by Abigail Pineda on 22nd Mar 2018

    So far these look great and match my regular eye color, but i'm not sure how the power works yet. Is it basically prescription?

  • 5
    Subtle color, natural, great comfort!

    Posted by Abby Stevenson on 20th Mar 2018

    Love the look of these lenses! The color and design looks realistic while the lenses stay moisturized (compared to other brands of contacts).

  • 5
    So exotic

    Posted by Aaliyah Small on 19th Mar 2018

    I am so happy they arrived just in time for my biggest annual social event! And they looks so beautiful and exotic on me. They are also super comfortable to wear all day. I will be getting more in other colors for some fun looks.