Thalia Blue Contact Lenses

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Water content: 38%~45%
Thickness: 0.004mm
Texture: Polymacon
Base curve: 8.5mm~8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm~14.5mm
Lifetime: 12 months

Package Capacity:
1 Pair of lenses(2 lens)
Thalia Blue Contact Lenses-1

Product name: Thalia Blue Contact Lenses

Color: Blue

Type/Collection: Thalia

Age range: 13-55

Very beautiful pattern with a fire surrounded on the eyeball. Outstanding outer ring design without feeling of burden on the eyes. Theses colored lenses can still create natural effects and make the eye attractive.

What may disappoint you after 20 years is not what you’ve done, but what you haven’t done. Therefore, never hesitate to do what you want.

Thalia Blue colored contacts give you the courage to do what you are eager to do.

Similar to Mimo Blue Contact Lenses and Vintage Blue Contact Lenses


Applicable: Cosplay, Makeup, Party, Cocktail, Prom, Ball



1. Soft, comfortable and easy-to-wear;

2. Excellent oxygen permeability and all-day UV protection;

3. Long lifespan and high colorfastness;




33 Reviews

  • 5
    Looks nice!

    Posted by Jay on 3rd May 2018

    The lenses are very comfortable and they fit nicely.

  • 5
    love them

    Posted by Hebe on 26th Apr 2018

    It looks fantastic, natural, it's feels comfortable

  • 5
    Very natural

    Posted by Henna on 25th Apr 2018

    These were my first huge circle lenses, and my experience was surprisingly good

  • 5
    First Conacts

    Posted by Geoffrey on 24th Apr 2018

    I have to admit I was excitedly terrified for my contacts to come.

  • 5
    very nice

    Posted by Duke on 23rd Apr 2018

    i dont wear this daily but when i do wear it, i don't feel discomfort. highly recommend

  • 5
    really happy !

    Posted by Edison on 22nd Apr 2018

    everyone was amazed by the look

  • 5
    I found a new love

    Posted by Edgar on 20th Apr 2018

    I LOVE these contacts!

  • 5
    very nice

    Posted by Caspar on 19th Apr 2018

    they enhance my natural medium dark blue eyes and make it appear larger

  • 5
    Beautiful Lenses

    Posted by Cody on 18th Apr 2018

    They do not look unnatural at all, and are very comfortable. This is my second pair ordered from toly and I'm so happy!