Green Contact Lenses

  • Ocean Green Contact Lenses-1

    Ocean Green Contact Lenses

    Product name:Ocean Green Contact lenses Color: Green Type/Collection: Ocean Age range: 13-55 Wide, tridimensional and saturated outer ring, make the colored lenses as the ocean. Covering your whole pupil, releasing the moisture...

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  • Thalia Green Contact Lenses-1

    Thalia Green Contact Lenses

    Product name: Thalia Green Contact lenses Color: Green Type/Collection: Thalia Age range: 13-55 Very beautiful pattern with a fire surrounded on the eyeball. Outstanding outer ring design without feeling of burden on the eyes. Theses...

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  • Vintage Green Contact Lenses-1

    Vintage Green Contact Lenses

    Product name: Vintage Green Contact lenses Color: Green Type/Collection: Vintage Age range: 13-55 Multiple layers display 3D richness, as natural as iris, even enlarging eyes, with delicate effects and long moisturizing, which making...

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